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I'm Eva. You can find me at Southern Charms and clips4sale. I'm also known as EvaSin on NiteFlirt where I seduce men durring phone sex. This is where I keep you posted on recent updates on all the site's I'm featured on, and kiss and tell you all about what goes on between me and the guys I meet on the phone. None of the names, just the hot details. To make a comment, just click the green comment link at the bottom right of the thread.

Thursday, August 31, 2006

This guy specified anal up front. Very matter of fact, but he didn't mid my tongue wondering into his ass. After a wild blowjob and bit of deepthroating while he was sucking my ass, I let my tongue wonder to his testicals, and then his ass. He loved it so much he started fucking my ass with his tongue and fucking my pussy with his fingers to keep me hot. That cock ended up back into the back in between my tonsils, and I got so juicy, I told him to fuck my pussy to lube that hard cock of his up for my tight ass hole.

He fucked my cunt hard as I creamed all over it, and then he started fucking my ass. It must have been really tight, because he came in an instant, and thanked me for the call.

Sunday, August 27, 2006

This guy wanted to fuck my ass already full of so much cum. Fucking my slippery hole after a blowjob. But he got caught and the last thing I heard him say was "I'll be right out man." Poor guy, I hope they're not waiting outside the door to see you leave with a hard-on!

This guy pumps me full of cum every time. And I love every minute of it! A dirty fuck that's not afraid of ass. I sucked his dick, balls, and asshole while he finger fucked my slippery pussy. his tongue lapping at my clit, and watching me suck him down my throat. That thick dick filled my mouth as he got out the butt plug. Sticking it in my ass so he could fuck my dripping cunt while it was planted firmly in my ass. I came all over his cock and he took the plug out to fuck my pulsing asshole. Slamming my ass as I spread it wide to accomidate his huge cock. I took his juicy load deep in my ass.

This guy started by sending a confession. He's been watching porn, and his cock is all tied up with a cock ring on. Not only is he in restraints, but he has a dildo he can suck for me. I hear Mistress Eva coming out again, when he says he only wants to please me.

I made him kneel in front of me while I fed him one end of a double ended dildo, and used the other end for myself. When I commanded him to deepthroat the dildo to fuck my pussy deeper with it, he gagged and struggled, and gleefully slobbered all over it. That poor restrained dick was so hard now, so I made him suck both ends of the double ended dildo. Shoving the hardness ion his mouth and making him taste how sweet my pussy is. When his eyes started to tear up, I figured he needed a little cooling down, and made him crawl to me by the window. Where I made him jack-off and fucked his ass with my 14 inch dick until he came through the cock restraints!

I wore a cheerleader outfit for this guy. And I spread my legs behind the bleachers so he could fuck me after the game. He ate my sweet pussy after removing my spankies, and licked my perky pink titties after I ditched the letter sweater and bra. Just pony tails swaying while we fucked.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

This guy likes a blow job before he fucks. I let him fuck my face, and then rode his cock. It turns out he likes ass, so I turned around to give him a better view, and let him streatch my cheeks so he could see my hole spasm when I cum. That sent him off, and he came instantly. So I took his cock out of my pussy and had him cum on my asshole, rubbing it all over with his spent dick.

This perv was frantically wanking when the call connected. He was determined to get off quick, but he wanted someone to share the final moment with. All he wanted was a blowjob that resulted in shooting pearly white jizz all over my pretty face. I started sucking him into my throat, and when I went for the balls, he nutted all over my smiling face.

This poor guy got caught. He started the call by telling me that he had to be quiet because there were people downstairs that could hear him. All he wanted was to hear me cum. So I used my vibe and started to suck his cock. Taking his cock in my pussy while the vibe tickled my clit sent me into an explosive orgasm. Which I think excited him too much to be quiet enough not to get caught. After hearing him say " I'm on the phone..." like he was talking to someone who walked in on him, I heard a click and he hung up.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

This guy was very nice, we fucked in his truck. he likes my voice, and I really made him cum hard. He said he was in his truck and just wanted to relax. So I sucked his cock, and fucked him with my tits pushed up against the stearing wheel. Pumping my pussy up and down his cock with my legs behind my back. Then he wanted that ass he got such a good view of. So I took him in my ass with my face in his truck seat, and my ass high in the air. He pounded my ass until he came all over it. He was very cordial and even thanked me for the call before hanging up. I love happy endings.

This guy called me bacause I made him cream so hard before. He loves to give and take, and can do both at the same time. I ended up sucking him until he was on the brink and opted to eat my hot pussy so he could fuck it with his rocked cock. That tongue of his made me cum all over his face and he fucked my cunt to keep me going. He really loves to hear me cum. And he succeeds every time!

I was ready to cum, but he started by fucking my pretty face before he would even fuck my tight little pussy. He fucked my throat until he had his fill, and then stuck his meat in my slit, and let me ride his cock to another orgasm. That's when he went for the ass, so I turned around and rode his big cock until he came in my ass.

This guy just wanted a blowjob. He streatched my mouth out with his massive cock, and I could hear him frantically jacking off his cock as I told him I was sucking him into my throat. I started tonguing his balls, and he blew his load and hung up.

This guy likes a blow job before he fucks. I let him fuck my face, and then rode his cock. It turns out he likes ass, so I turned around to give him a better view, and let him streatch my cheeks so he could see my hole spasm when I cum. that sent him off, and he came instantly. So I took his cock out of my pussy and had him cum on my asshole, rubbing it with his spent dick.

This poor guy got caught by the person downstairs, he was trying to avoid. All you wanted was to make me cum, and at least you got to hear some of it. When I cum, you can keep me going for hours. Next time, call when you have an empty house.

Coming soon! My amateur photo gallery updated twice a month. It's being built right now, and I will post another update when it's live. I go full nude, and even show my face. Sometimes I use toys, and I love fetish play. I even get naked outdoors to get friendly with a water bottle! If you have any shoot requests, just make a comment to this thread, and I'll be sure to read it. I'm always looking for fresh scenerios to play out.

Mmmnnn, an ass licker! I love sucking a meaty cock while the guys licking my slit and tonguing my ass. And he let me have the best position, on top! I mounted his face and used his face and tongue to make me cum while I deepthroated his dick. He started to tongue fuck my asshole and then hung up.

I met this guy after pumping gas in my car. He was stocking alcohol in the coolers. I went for a Sobe and he fed me some cheesey pick up line about keeping it cool on a hot summer day. I played along, and ended up joining him in the cooler. Instant hard nipples, and he liked that. So much that he pulled my shirt down and started tongueing them. licking and sucking them with his hand up my mini skirt. Rubbing on my clit. That cooler was cold, but my pussy was red hot! I slid down his body to suck on his cock so he'd start pumping my tight pussy full with it. Ramming it into my hole with my bare tits pressed up against the glass of the cooler. I creamed all over his cock, wich the bikers getting beer for their trip, must have heard, because they opened the cooler door to investigate. He didn't stop plugging my pussy, but he told those bikers that I needed some cock in my mouth and they could join if they wanted to.

His hands were on my hips, and I had 2 dicks at my mouth. I sucked and licked at them both while he worked my pussy and started spreading my ass apart to fuck it. I ended up mounting one of the bikers with my cunt, while the caller started fucking my tight spmasming ass hole with his thick meat. They both fucked me while two more cocks were stuffed in my face to fill my mouth. I came all over their cocks and they weren't afraid to cover me with all their cum.

This guy has a pantyhose fetish. Specifically being able to see the control top of the pantyhose, and the cotton seamed crotch. He wanted to rip them apart and fuck my pussy through them. Which sounds passionate to me so I start to get into it, and acting out this fantasy he's painting for me. We're in a bathroom stall and he's licking my pussy through the nylons. And he changes the subject to something non sexual, then switches scenes. When I follow him, and start elaborating on the scene to play, he starts on something else again. He'd say "well, I like..." and then contradict himself in the next scene. Some people just don't know what they want. I just hope he played what he needed to get out. Because he's confused enough as it is.

This guy loves to hear it when I get excited. And his dick did the trick for me. I teased and licked it for some time before taking it in my dripping pussy. He's not much of a talker, unless you speak the language of "oh yeah", but he's definitely a pleaser. I love that!

This guy had a hard on when he called. And I couldn't wait to wrap my lips around another horney cock. Deepthroating his cock only made him want my tight pussy, so I bent over a sofa and gave it to him good. Riding his thick dick until he came all over me. I cooled him down by sucking his goey cock, and he politely thanked me for the call.

I sent free minutes out to some guys I know love to party. This guy was one of them, and he's new to Nite Flirt. I could tell he was rushing so he wouldn't go over his free minutes, but overall, he nutted hard with a quicky suck and stick. And I had at least one "O".

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

This guy stuffed my cunt and ass with toys while he licked at my slit. After cuming three times for him, he shoved his cock in my mouth and fucked my throat until he shot his load and forced me to swallow it. He left me with a plug in my ass and told me to beg the next guy to fuck me with it in, and then fuck my ass.

I teased this guy all over the mall in my tight cami and short skirt. Of course the heels are high, and he can't resist me. I lure him into the elevator of a store so I can tease his cock directly. I rub up against him and put my hand on his crotch. Then I let out that teased cock and rub it while I push myself up against him. Which felt good on my tits, so I stood back a bit so he could see me pull my breasts over the top of my skimpy cami. After a bit more teasing I pulled my panties down to my knees and bent over to tease him with my juicy pussy, enticing him to eat it before I slid his cock in and creamed all over it.

I'm this guy's dirty little whore, and he's not afraid to use kinky toys on me or let my girlfriend join so he can cum all over both of us. The first time he called he went for the double ended dildo and fucked my pussy and ass. This time he teased and pluged my ass while he was eating my pussy. I wiggled all over as I deepthroated his thick dick with my ass hole stuffed and his tongue working my slit. He fucked my dripping wet cunt until I came all over his rock hard dick. Then one of my girlfriends joined us and it got really kinky. I was on top of my girlfriend with our clits rubbing together. We kissed and tongued each other, playing with each other's tits and teasing him with our gyrating asses and playful tongues as he fucked our pussies and asses until I came multiple times, the last one all over a taboo toy my girlfriend and I were sharing.

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

This guy called me Mistress Eva. And he loved my brazillian cut panties. He knows I'm a hot bitch, and he submited with cock in hand. I used his tongue for my pussy and asshole while I watched him jerk-off. Poor little guy nutted before his dick got anywhere near my pussy. My sweet young ass destroyed him!

Monday, August 14, 2006

Another farmer. This one's a talker. And his minutes ran up fast. We didn't get very far past the corn on the cob drill dildo.

This guy loved to eat pussy! (Yea me!) So much, that he had me bring my girlriend along. And later, while he was fucking my ass, another one of my girlfriend's showed up. FFM, then FFMF, lots of cunt licking and ass fucking. He loved how young I sounded and his thick dick fucked all of our pussies and tight pink assholes.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

This guy had a nice hard dick for my titties. And that cock felt great samwiched in between my juggs. Too bad he hung up right after getting me naked. I'm too hot for my own good.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

The frisky Canadian guy is back. Okay, he's not really from Canada, but who cares when his massive meat is stuffed into my face. Fingering my dripping pussy only made me want his cock more. Eventually I got it, and worked it bent over with my face in the bed. Pushing in to meet his thrusts as I came all over his cock and persuaded him to fuck my ass so he could watch me squirt his pearly white cum out, and rub it all over my pussy and ass.

This guy was in a get to know you mood. Now we know each other "intimately". (Giggling) I love a man who can give and take, and he was willing to do whatever it took to please and send me into that shattering orgasm. Even tonguing my hot ass while I deepthroat his cock.

Today there was a yummy fetish guy into my long legs. I wore white stockings and red patent leather pumps. After teasing him a bit I slid my foot out of the5 inch heel and put his dick in it. I made him jack-off with the shoe and suck on my long toes while I played with myself. Eventually the heel made it up to my pussy and I let him cum in the high heel while I rubbed my pussy on it. Very hot call.

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

This guy caught me coming out of the shower. I was still dripping wet when I picked up the phone. So I started rubbing my hot, wet body all over him. Rubbing my perky boobs on him. I end up giving him a blowjob and he fucks my tight pink pussy good! I felt him shoot pearly white jizz deep inside me, and I worked that dick until I had another orgasm and his cum started to drip from my pussy.

This guy says he has a 9 inch cock. Which I can appreciate. Then he says he wants to make me cum. (Magic words) Which I love to do. So we played. I like starting with a little dick sucking. Just having some warm meat in my mouth always gets my juices flowing. And he wasn't afraid to stick his face in my pussy and eat it until I came. Did he stop there? Nope, he knew playing with my tight asshole would push me to the next orgasm and keep me screaming. He loved eating my cute little ass. So much in fact, I let him fuck it while I rammed a toy in my pussy.