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I'm Eva. You can find me at Southern Charms and clips4sale. I'm also known as EvaSin on NiteFlirt where I seduce men durring phone sex. This is where I keep you posted on recent updates on all the site's I'm featured on, and kiss and tell you all about what goes on between me and the guys I meet on the phone. None of the names, just the hot details. To make a comment, just click the green comment link at the bottom right of the thread.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

New fetish sex gallery site! Full of fetish sex photos that you can't find on my Southern Charms site.
I've just created it, but so far it's public sex photos from my trip to Jamaica. We had an audience of hundreds of people! I love that. And there are also many POV galleries for those who like to see themselves in the drivers seat.
This weekend I'm hosting a get together with some of my hot young studs. I bet you can't wait to see the photos and vids!
Muah! - Eva

Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Decked out in leather hotpants, leather corset, leather extreme heels, and stockings, Eva teases you. Rubbing herself and giving her glass dildo a blowjob. Taking it nice and deep then slipping off her leather hotpants to stuff it past her panties into her moist snatch. She can tell you're hard under your trousers, so she tells you to drop them and gives you a blowjob. then she makes you watch her climax with her dildo, teasing you even more while you masturbate. Click here to watch the video. Click here for 9 grabbed photos from the video. Click here to see the high quality photos.

Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Pantyhose tights foot and leg tease gallery update.
Nylon pantyhose tights stretch over Eva's long lucious legs. Watch as she crosses and uncrosses her legs. Dangles her glittery high heels, and teases you with the stretchy pantyhose as she peels them off. Fingering her round bum benteath the tights and pulling them off to rub her nub. Up close and personal snatch shots and bum shots will make you cream!

Friday, October 12, 2007

Geisha Ninja uses the Glass Sword to pleasure herself, gallery update today!
Eva, a Geisha trained as a Ninja uses her glass dildo sword for the pleasure of others in this epic tale of masturbation. Plunging it into her wet slit, blow after blow. Resulting in an anamalistic rush of sound melting your senses and arousing every inch of your manhood! Close penetration shots with her see through dildo as Eva creams on it. Join Eva and watch NOW!

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Panty teasing girl on a trampoline galery update.
Eva's back from class, bouncing around on her trampoline. She knows you're watching as her pleated skirt rises and falls, revealing her upskirt flowery cotton panties. When she catches you she teases you even more. Rubbing the cotton panties into her snatch. Sticking her hand under them and playing, making her panties even wetter. Taunting you as she smothers you in them under her skirt. Pulling them asside and wraping her toned thighs around your head as you munch her sweetness under those girly cotton panties. Watch her pull them down and spread her pinkness for something meaty.

Saturday, October 06, 2007

Panty teasing Co Ed Eva's blow job and snatch worship video.
Eva's in her pleated skirt and kneehighs teasing you with her flowery cotton bikini panties. Telling you where to stick your face. Smothering you under her skirt and giving you a blow job while you try to eat through her wet cotton panties. Making you watch her finger herself under them. Then she pulls them aside and lets you tongue her twat before squeezing your massive rod into her tiny hole! Fantastic up close penetration shots with face, Upskirt, POV.

Friday, October 05, 2007

Tight spandex LuvBot 3000 is programed for sex. See the new photos here, or watch the video here.

Spandex LoveBot Eva's programmed for sex, and this model came with accessories. When you find her in the basement of your office you turn her on in curriosity. Watch her use her dildo accessory; blow up a balloon to play with and simulate a blowjob with her dildo; unzip her tight spandex suit to check out some of her juicy components, customized to fit any stiff rod.

(Thank you for the spandex catsuit off my wishlist, sweetie!)