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Thursday, October 26, 2006

Pantyhose fetish pics have taken over my latest update. Naughty Eva's in the office, masturbating in sheer pantyhose. If you were the security guard in my building would you watch, or come see what all the noise was about! Click here for the nude pantyhose pics

Wait till you see what tomorrow's update is! Dr. Eva and her naughty nurse, make sure one hot patient gets some sexy treatment to her inactive clitorus! Girl on girl on girl!

Saturday, October 14, 2006

Wow, this guy really likes fantasy. It's snowing in New York. Which is where this guy is from. I was going to meet a friend for a weekend getaway, and ended up traped by the snow on the highway. Here I am in dressed like I should be going to a club in Miami, and snow just starts falling in pails! There's no way I was going to be able to dig myself out in the 6 inch heels I was wearing. So when I saw headlights I got out of the car and tried to hail some help. Lucky for me this guy has a plow on his truck. The only one not stuck, and such a stud! He took me back to his cabin to warm up, and I left my car to be towed in the morning.

Which left me with a stud who has a HUGE bulge in his pants. So I tell him I'm cold and start rubbing my scantly clad body all over him. Making sure I get a better feel of that monster in his pants. Which of course he went for. (sensual giggle) When he unzipped his pants that python smacked me right in the face. I licked and sucked his prick like it was candy. He wanted to cum inside my pussy, so he picked me up and carried me to a table. I knew he was going to fuck my twat till it gapped! And he did. He rammed me into an explosive screaming orgasm. What a man!

Rah, rah, sis boom bah! This hot cheerleader swallowed the coach whole to celebrate the teams victory! I did a little dance in my team skirt and pompoms, and when I went down into the splits, I landed right on his spirit stick. Oops, did I forget my spankies, coach? (naughty grin) My cute ass hopped up and down to make sure I was filled with spirit! And he left a sticky white mess you could see dripping down my leg, past my tiny cheerleading skirt.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Woo Hoo, a birthday boy! Well, this guy isn't really a boy. In fact he's 39 today, and feeling old. So I cheered him up by being his very naughty schoolgirl complete with pigtails and pleated skirt. Sitting on his lap, right on top of his chubby. I was so naughty, I didn't wear panties on purpose! And he gave me a few sexy spankings for forgetting them, while I rubbed my juicy clit on his bonner. That really got him going, and he tore open my blouse and started sucking my perky titties while I bounced my tight young twat up and down his lap. I couldn't wait to get that zipper undone! That meat was mine! (naughty giggling)

I hope you enjoyed the birthday gift I sent this morning! Have a good one birthday boy!

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Yummy, this guy knows how to push my buttons. Especially that sweet clit. He nibbled until I was screaming, then started fingering me. My hips started grinding and I wanted that cock. I pulled him up for a sloppy wet kiss and ran his dick through my slick slit till it met and penetrated my plump, juicy pussy. Pumping into a quick rythem, smacking my clit against his groin as my hips thrust upwards. After one loud, screaming O, he flipped me over and plugged away at full speed. Spanking the roundness of my ass with powerful thrusts. My head ended up in the pillows and he started fingering my little brown ass hole. And I screamed into the pillows through another pulsing orgasm. My little ass sucked those fingers right into it, wich turned this guy on and he started working his fat dick into that tiny brown hole. Pushing and sueezing as I'm bent over, slaming my ass until he unloaded his fat cock jizz in my ass. I squirted it out for him, and he flipped me back over to fuck my cunt again. This guy must be on viagra!

Monday, October 09, 2006

OMG this guy is hot. He lets me do whatever I want to him, and has a huge thick peice of meat for me to enjoy! If I want to bring a girlfriend to suck him while he's penetrating my tight ass, I do. If I want to grind on her clit and make him suck both of our asses, he does! And he LOVES to fuck! All that pounding, and sucking. I bet he could go for hours if he let himself. What girl doesn't like that!

Lots of hot calls since my last update. I've been so busy taking photos and videos that I almost forgot about this blog. But you'll love me for it when you see how often my gallery updates for the month of October. I have 6 updates sceduled for the next two weeks. That's three updates a week! At over 60 pictures per update, that's a lot of content. I've taken many of my fan's requests into consideration. If you show me you appreciate the effort, I'll keep filling your requests. If you are not already a member, you can join by clicking here. If you want to see some hot action on video I've added many new videos to my NiteFlirt homepage. I'll keep you posted on my progress. Have a good day!