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I'm Eva. You can find me at Southern Charms and clips4sale. I'm also known as EvaSin on NiteFlirt where I seduce men durring phone sex. This is where I keep you posted on recent updates on all the site's I'm featured on, and kiss and tell you all about what goes on between me and the guys I meet on the phone. None of the names, just the hot details. To make a comment, just click the green comment link at the bottom right of the thread.

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

I met this guy after pumping gas in my car. He was stocking alcohol in the coolers. I went for a Sobe and he fed me some cheesey pick up line about keeping it cool on a hot summer day. I played along, and ended up joining him in the cooler. Instant hard nipples, and he liked that. So much that he pulled my shirt down and started tongueing them. licking and sucking them with his hand up my mini skirt. Rubbing on my clit. That cooler was cold, but my pussy was red hot! I slid down his body to suck on his cock so he'd start pumping my tight pussy full with it. Ramming it into my hole with my bare tits pressed up against the glass of the cooler. I creamed all over his cock, wich the bikers getting beer for their trip, must have heard, because they opened the cooler door to investigate. He didn't stop plugging my pussy, but he told those bikers that I needed some cock in my mouth and they could join if they wanted to.

His hands were on my hips, and I had 2 dicks at my mouth. I sucked and licked at them both while he worked my pussy and started spreading my ass apart to fuck it. I ended up mounting one of the bikers with my cunt, while the caller started fucking my tight spmasming ass hole with his thick meat. They both fucked me while two more cocks were stuffed in my face to fill my mouth. I came all over their cocks and they weren't afraid to cover me with all their cum.


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