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I'm Eva. You can find me at Southern Charms and clips4sale. I'm also known as EvaSin on NiteFlirt where I seduce men durring phone sex. This is where I keep you posted on recent updates on all the site's I'm featured on, and kiss and tell you all about what goes on between me and the guys I meet on the phone. None of the names, just the hot details. To make a comment, just click the green comment link at the bottom right of the thread.

Friday, September 21, 2007

Stockings and bubbles claim today's update. Bubblegum chewing Eva blows bubbles on her big blue bouncy ball in stockings, sheer panties, and high heels. Blowing lucious bubbles on her dildo before blowing it and stuffing it deep in her snatch under those sheer panties. Those panties get creamy wet before she takes them down around her knees and plays with her toy from behind. This gallery focuses on stockings, fett, high heels, bubble blowing and her tight round bum.


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